Certificate of Biblical Studies Diploma

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You can take the courses totally for free without credit or pay only $10.00 per course, which is only $220 for the entire 22 course program.

THE FREE PROGRAM:  They are available for you to download once you join for free


Once you complete the Free Program, we will e-mail you a Certificate of Completion with your name and the date you graduated, however, you will receive No transcript and No college credits.  You can switch to the accredited program at anytime.  all free courses taken will become accredited when you pay.



Upon completion of all 22 courses, you will receive:


  1.  A printed Certificate of Biblical Studies Diploma with an HVT official gold seal.
  2.  A official transcript with watermark and stamped embossed seal equal to 87 transferable credits
  3. The ability to transfer your credits to the Bachelor of   Biblical Studies (BBS) Degree program.


The Bible offers hope, joy, love, and life. Knowing Jesus provides things that are more valuable than what you can see or hear or touch or buy.

Note: The small fee for the accredited program covers, the cost of

  1. Record keeping
  2. Transcript mailing
  3. Printed Diploma
  4. Teacher staff supplies
  5. Website fees.


Signup today to start. Only 2 courses can be completed in a one month period. Once you competed one course and submit grades another one is emailed.



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