The GREAT Dream

As a child I had many dreams, a dream of good grades, a dream of a nice girlfriend, and a dream of my father one day coming home. These dreams were from a simple, but yet innocent mind. As I got older other worldly vision cloudy the dreams and replaced them with nightmares. I started dreaming of items I couldn’t pay for, then dreaming of how to cheat, lie, and steal. Hurting others did not bothe…r me since I had a new dream that was all about me. Then one day I realized that I never grew up. I became somewhat a child over 20 with someone else dreams. I had to stand on my own two feet, I had to walk my own path, and most of all I had to learn, and know God for myself. Once this process started 10 years later my dreams started to evolve, the dreams of good grades, became a good job, the nice girlfriend became my wife and my Father he finally came home.
Share the Vision, and Spread the Word, HVT
1 Corinthians 13:11

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